Great gifts for cat lovers!!

2019 - End of year reflection!

We did it! Achieved my goal for Miau Miau Clothing Co. by debuting our company at CatCon Worldwide. As I look back it felt almost surreal that we were really there this past summer! I mentioned “We” because I could not have done this without the support of my awesome husband and two daughters. Thank you for coming along with me to the cat conventions this past summer!

February – We kicked off the year by supporting the Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue and Leuk’s Landing online auction with Miau Miau Clothing Co. products. Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue and Leuk’s Landing are two cat rescue organizations located in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. If you get a chance look up these organizations to learn more about what they do. I have their links located in my News & Events page on my website.

June – We made the journey from Michigan to Los Angeles to debut our store at CatCon Worldwide 2019, in Pasadena, California on June 29-30 in Pasadena, California. For those that have never heard of CatCon Worldwide, it is the largest Cat Convention in the world! It was amazing to be surrounded by all the cat lovers that entire weekend! I also have to mention that the monies raised at CatCon Worldwide are donated to cat rescues! My other highlights of this convention were meeting the Founder of Pretty Litter. Learning about why he started Pretty Litter is very inspiring, and you can read about it on their website. Also seeing my daughter meet the Dad of @justmangobrown, an internet celebrity cat! …Priceless! Another priceless highlight was seeing people walking away with kitties they adopted at CatCon Worldwide!

July – Since I did CatCon Worldwide, I said “hey let’s do another cat convention”! We journeyed from the Detroit, Michigan area to Chicago and exhibited at Meow MeetUp 2019 -Chicago, Illinois! For those that have never heard of Meow MeetUp, this is the largest cat convention held in the Midwest! The 2019 convention I believe may have been their 2nd year. It was another amazing weekend being surrounded by cat lovers! There were many vendors, cat adoptions, cat yoga, and a cat café! I urge all of my Midwest followers to attend Meow MeetUp next year in 2020, the convention is a lot of fun and it supports cat rescues!

August – After settling down from the cat conventions, I started looking for another show. I found the Shed 5 Flea event at Detroit’s Eastern Market. It is a Detroit shopping event of hand makers, merchants, and vintage shopkeepers held one Sunday in the months of June, July, and August. This was the first non-cat crowd show and we did very well! Many people were interested that we had a “cat themed booth”. I highly recommend checking out Shed 5 Flea in the summer of 2020. It is a great place to find Christmas gifts and unique items. They also have food trucks, car shows, and the other Sheds were open as well.

November – The Humane Society of Huron Valley Compassionate Feast featuring Jackson Galaxy! Yes, you bet I attended this. I would not have missed out on this opportunity to see and hear Jackson Galaxy talk. He has really done so much in educating people how cats are different than dogs, and what is going on in their minds. In addition to attending, we made a donation to the silent auction. I am not sure who won Miau Miau Clothing Co. package, but I you loved the sweatshirt, hat, and PopSocket and a big thank you for supporting HSHV!

Novi Pet Expo - We were vendors at the Novi Pet Expo! We had a great time, at this show. They had many dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, reptiles & amphibians, and a butterfly house! In addition, they had a many rescue organization’s that were adopting out dogs and cats! This is a great event to take your family to for the weekend. I do have to admit that cats were under-represented at the show. I hope that cat themed vendors show up next year. But the best outcome is that we are now collaborating with another cat vendor that was at the expo!

“Chris the Cat” - We started a collaboration with Chris the Cat, another Michigan based company! We are now carrying their line of GO CAT toys and cat nip on our website to offer something for your cats as well! Check out the GO CAT toys on our website, they are very cool cat lures and cat nip. Stay tuned as we have more to come in 2020 between Miau Miau Clothing Co. and Chris the Cat!

December – We announced that are coming out with trendy stickers. In December I developed new designs, and had samples created. You can see the stickers on my previous blog post as well as on Instagram and Facebook. I hope to have at least 2 designs available for sale in January 2020 and will be offering a free sticker if you sign up for our emailed Newsletter! The best part is part of the profits for these stickers will be donated to cat rescues! 

In 2020 our goal is growth and continuing to support cat rescues. A shout out and big thank you to all the rescuer’s and organization that help cats and kittens! Keep being hero’s!